Dutch Cigarillos Atomic Fusion 2 pack

Dutch Cigarillos Atomic Fusion 2 pack

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Quench your cravings for a sweet, smooth smoke with Dutch Masters Atomic Fusion Cigarillos. These machine-made cigars are infused with premium Cuban-Seed tobacco and the sinful flavor of fresh, hand-picked berries, with just a hint of honey. This unusual synergy of flavors makes the cigars the perfect selection for a long, leisurely session during a cool, summer night.

A natural wrapper is used to bind the mild Ecuadorian Sumatra leaves, which not only adds a rich consistency to the flavor, but helps maintain the texture of the blend. These cigarillos are 4 3/4 inches in length and have a ring gauge of 28, and are sold in packs of 2. Manufactured and distributed by Altadis USA Inc., the cigars are assembled in Puerto Rico. Each pair is packaged in airtight pouches that help preserve the aroma and flavor of the product.

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