Dutch Cigarillos Java Fusion 2 pack

Dutch Cigarillos Java Fusion 2 pack

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Relieve the stress of a hectic day at work with Dutch Masters Java Fusion Cigarillos. These machine made cigars have an inviting blend of premium coffee and mild notes of chocolate flavor. The Cuban-Seed tobacco used for the filler further adds character to the flavor profile of the smoke. The homogenized tobacco leaf used for the binder is covered with a natural Java wrapper. This natural wrapper not only helps attain a smoother cigar texture, but also enhances the overall cigar smoking experience.

Dutch Masters Java Fusion Cigarillos are 4 1/2 inches in length and have a ring gauge of 28. Manufactured and distributed by Altadis USA Inc, and assembled in Puerto Rico, these cigars are quite popular amongst both casual and regular cigar smokers. Altadis sells them in packs of 2, within an airtight box to maintain the freshness of the cigars.

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